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Welcome to the Davis Makerspace Wiki!

Davis Makerspace is the home of makers in Davis, CA.

We are currently holding open hours with a cabinet of tools in the Davis branch of the Yolo County Library.

Open Hours

If you are interested in volunteering to host open hours sometime during library open hours, please include them below. The library’s hours can be found here. We need at least one primary volunteer and one backup volunteer for each open time to ensure reliability. Prospective volunteers can gain familiarity with the group by attending at least one board meeting and two of either additional board meetings or events or open hours, after which you can fill out the library’s volunteer application.

Day of Week Volunteer Makerspace Hours Expertise
Monday (2nd and 4th Mondays) Roland 6:30-8PM programming
Tuesday seeking volunteers seeking volunteers
Wednesday seeking volunteers seeking volunteers
Thursday Julie & Bill (Backup) 9:30-11AM dabbling
Friday seeking volunteers seeking volunteers
Saturday seeking volunteers seeking volunteers
Sunday seeking volunteers seeking volunteers

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