HP Designjet 5000ps, 42-inch
Model# C6091A
SN SG14J1402V
HP webpage
HP accessories

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So Fire away. This sucker has like a 160 GB disk, and 256 MB RAM so it can spool hella jobs. IT has a jet direct card so you can just point to it, pretty simple. Take about 5 minutes to boot, and it does take some minutes to spool up the print job and get things ready, so be patient with it.

If its wanted we could put a VPN server on the router, and you could VPN in and print to the plotter from the ’tubes

HP error codes for this model can be found here

It is a finnicky little bugger, if it errors out on you things usually just need to be re-seated.

We do have a torx screwdriver that fits the screws on the back panel. As of Oct 2016 it’s rubber banded to the plotter’s user manual, but it may float around.

Here are some errors that RS solved after it had been sitting idle for a while

n case anybody else gets similar issues I’ve outlined my steps for error codes I encountered below:

  1. LCD “ERROR 1f50007 Hard Disk Failure”

    Reading up online said this may be a power supply problem so it may come back Gone after a reboot (power switch at back of printer), never showed up again

  2. LCD: “Boot FAILED Contact HP representative”

    Gone after another reboot (power switch at the back of the printer)

  3. LCD stuck at “Spinning up disk..Ok” after repeated reboots

    Found HP docs here, but went through every step with no luck

    Turned off and unplugged printer, opened hard drive enclosure, took foam holder off hard drive, plugged printer in, turned on printer, and it worked. No idea why.

  4. LCD: “System error ffffffff 01dc0077 switch off/on if problem persists contact HP support”

    Rebooted with no luck Used HP error code guide, led me here

    Fixed by rebooting with network cable unplugged

  5. LCD: “Printheads REPLACE”

    Entered printhead menu to find culprit printhead

    Re-seated offending printhead

After all this was done I was able to follow the media loading guide in the User Manual to load the paper, and the plotter was ready to print! It’s in Sleep mode right now, so to turn it on just press the power button on the front.

2/27/17 Anyone looking to print from a newish windows (7-10), here is the universal designjet PS “driver”…Here is the HP page