Initial Key Policy

Initial Key Policy

An initial key policy was approved by concensus at the general meeting on April 7, 2014. The policy as approved is contained in the following email: April Meeting Announcement

The following is the wiki version of that text, and any differences from the policy as described in the above announcement should be thought only as clarifications or suggestions.


  • No physical keys; only digital keys will be given where approved
    • Physical keys are only issued to board members and maintenance personnel
  • Requirements to get digital key
    • Must be a member of the space
      1. Application (free) on file
      2. Signed liability waiver on file
    • Must be familiar/known to the space
      • Attend 3+ meetings; or
      • 1 meeting and 2+ open houses
    • Must commit to donating back to the community through significant, responsible, and repeated contributions of time and effort to the space; e.g.
      • Money and/or accepted tools
      • Hold regular open hours
      • Teach a class on a regular basis
    • Must receive approval and agree to oversight from the Key Committee
      • If any problems occur, the key committee will investigate
      • Digital keys can be revoked at will
      • Re-issuance is at the control of the committee


The general philosophy behind this key policy is

  1. Everyone in the Davis community should have access to the space
  2. Access is contingent on “acceptable” and “safe” behavior"
  3. The space operates for and by the community: there needs to be a symbiotic relationship.

One of the acceptable methods of donating back to the community is the agreement to hold regular open hours. Holding open hours is an agreement to let people (ie, those without a key) into the space and be responsible for any mishaps. If you are holding open hours, you have the freedom/authority to deny or withdraw access to tools, space, etc. This includes requesting people leave the space.

If you come into the space when it is not a scheduled time for open hours, you are not required to host the space for others. Ie, you are free to close the door behind you. If you do let non-keyholders in, however, you are responsible for their actions.