This is a page for the EXPLORIT Water Information Model (WIM) implentation of the Kreylos SARNDBOx software

#SarndBox Details

Virtual Sarndbox

The computer is a black box PC spec’d out by AdamR. It is by the cabinet rack.

IP: SSH is on.

Its login is: user1
pass: the explorit wim box

All the SARndbox files are in /home/user1/src sudo should get you what you need.

VNC is needed to drive the box

  • TightVNC is on, but its pretty secure.
  • You need to SSH to the box and tunnel port 5901.
  • Tight VNC only listens on for VNC requests.
  • Password is explorit

Physical Sarndbox

Sand Container

Box Weight Analysis

Tower Storage

Fastenal Pipes across legs to strap tower to. We will use pipe to lay the tower on and fasten the tower to the pipe with a strap. Pipe will need to be 1 and 5’8 th diameter and we will need

  • 2 pieces of clean end pipe
  • 4 cross fasteners - 90° offset crossover joint which is an L45-7 crossover joint -
    • I am assuming that although this is schedule 40 and we are 80, that doesnt matter as the OD is the same?
  • 1 Pipe Flange
  • 1 piece threaded pipe
  • 1 90 degree Elbow

We also need some pipe coming out the top perpendicular to the surface of the table and taking a right angle or so 1 meter above the surface of the sand.

Pipe diameter: 1-5/8" outside diameter, wall thickness of 3/16“. According to this, that is 1-1/4” Schedule 80 pipe (double check)

I think that should be near enough what we are looking at, what I’m now wondering is what sort of finish

11/09/15 Update - Tower storage pieces are now assembled and seem to work as advertised. Kinect / projector pipe mount holes are marked out on the table ready for drilling table. Cables look to pass through fine pipe mount. Will drill case and use conduit straps to mount computer to steel pipe supports.//


  • 4 1 1/2 inch bolts for pipe flange
  • 4 1 1/4 Two Holeconduit straps
  • 4 1 1/4 unfinished pipe caps
  • 2 Velcro cable wraps
  • 1 Projector Mount

Sand Box

The box design is T Slot aluminum extrusion made by 80/20 and will have plastic walls. Semi transparent cutting board plastic has been recommended as something durable, scratch resistant, while retaining an ability to see the profile behind the plastics.

From the document above these are the lengths of extrusion we need

40-4002 or 40-4002-Black-FB Extrusion is 4 cm x 4cm and weighs 1.6447 kg/meter. 40-4001 or 40-4001-Black-FB will be used for the top railing pieces to lean on.

  • 2 pieces 40-4002 86 cm = 172 cm
  • 2 pieces 40-4001 86 cm - 172 cm
  • 2 Pieces 40-4002 50 cm = 100 cm
  • 2 Pieces 40-4001 50 cm = 100 cm
  • 4 pieces 40-4002 36 cm = 144cm - we might want to increase this - this is the box height and would be a total of 14.2 inches off the table surface. That’s good teenager leaning height right?

6.88 meters of aluminum extrusion

= 10.26 kg of aluminum extrusion

Fastners - to Fasten the box itself perhaps we can use the internal double anchor fastners. They require machining but they are the strongest. AKA Fastner 2

16 fastenings required -

Questions - what about the pieces of plastic that will slide in? and any gaskets. Would we still be able to use these fastners? For the sides and bottom of the box yes becasues we fasten with unused slots that will not hold plastic sheets. top, 40-4001-Black-FB mount needs investigation

Mounting the projector and kinect

  • needs to have edges of pipe cuts sanded all around
  • needs to have hole rasped out
  • flush 90 degree pipe mount plus velcro.
  • plastic caps for 1.25 OD pipes (4)
  • Caps for 40-4000 profile

Parts sources