Door Logo


Logo Sign for Door


I propose we make a total control Lighting implementation for a sign and possible outdoor building coolness.

Mount pixels to some circular cut plywood, with a large dense cluster of pixels. Say a 2-3 foot diameter wood/metal round with 200-300 pixels. These are RGB LED Roll lights with modular controller so you can define each LED light, 3 LED per “pixel” . 60 pixel per meter. This project has everything arduino, design of the cluster of strip lights, and software programming of LED pixels. All good shit from in Oakland.


Id like to make it Power over Ethernet.


To make DMS logo that can osscillate through a gajillion different colors. That can change periodically, and maybe we can do more house lights, physics is involved.


  • Lights $100

  • Developer Kit $57.50 has enclosure, arduino board and shield to interface to the lights.


It might be cool to do a backlit logo, where we have the logo cut out in steel/wood/unobtainium, ~3’ in diameter, eg: (disclaimer: link to my brother’s work, but he’s an ex-Davisite and Makertype)

and the lights mounted behind, and have the thing offset from the surface ~1".