3D Printer & Computer

There is a 3D printer (designed+built by Mick) in the space.

There is a Linux computer there meant to be used with it (running CrunchBang linux).

There is a user for the 3d Printer on that computer. threed/Print_Stuff!

There are menu items for Sketchup, Slic3r, and RepetierHost under the “Manufacturing” menu for the threed user.


Thanks to generosity of printrbot co, the space now maintains several printrbot 3D printers. using the printrbots

Other software

Other software that can be useful for working on 3d prints:


What applications should I install so that I can design and print 3D parts?
STL plugin for Sketchup
Netfab basic

What unit of measure should I use with my design?
mm (millimeter)

What are the bed sizes of our printers?
The small plywood printer bed is 100mm x 100mm, the large plywood printer is 200mm x 200mm.

How do I create an array of identical parts?
Use Slic3r.

What is Infill?
The solid or honeycomb structure of the solid portions of a part.

What is a Support?
A temporary scaffold inside a part to support a solid portion above it.

What is a Skirt?
A flat area printed around the perimeter of the part. It serves to reduce warping and to anchor the part.

What is a Brim?
An area printed under the part. It also reduces warping, but must be cut away after the part is made.

Can I use the default Printerbot speeds on our plywood printers?
No, they are too fast.

How do I set up Printerbot?
Refer to the Printerbot Getting Started Guide and Braden’s Awesome Settings for Simple Printerbot.

What sizes of filament can I use?
Filament comes 1.75mm or 3.0 mm diameter, usually on a 1kg reel.

What type of filament materials are available?
PLA, ABS and Nylon.

Where can I buy known high-quality filament?
Filament from Printerbot is high quality at a good price.

What temperature should I run the extruder at for the different filaments?
PLA - 185 to 190 deg C.
ABS - 200 to 220 deg C.
Nylon - 240 deg C.

What are the characteristics of PLA?
PLA does not shrink, is made from corn, it smells pleasant when printing and it needs a fan.

What are the characteristics of ABS?
ABS makes stronger parts, but it shrinks, needs a heated bed and it’s smell is somewhat unpleasant.

What size nozzles are used?
Our machines use 0.4mm nozzles.

What is a good way to get a part to stick to a glass bed?
Apply some Elmer’s orange glue stick to the bed before printing the part.

What is an alternative to Pronterface?
Repetier. But it doesn’t work on older printers.

How can I fix internal planes in my part?
With Netfab. It also has Slic3r built in, but it doesn’t work with some older printers.

Where can I see a demo of Mick’s hot foam cutter software?
On his Makertoolkit site.